3 thoughts on “Dead Dreams

  1. Thanks for blogging Jade–I needed to read this today, even though it’s a week old. My lack of understanding is not so much dreams as it is purpose–every time I see much happening for the Kingdom and I get the priveledge to serve our great King, I fall sick. I’m sick of being sick…ugh! I talk to God sharing w/Him that I don’t understand because I’m serving only where He opens the doors and guides me through w/specific direction–and yet, here I am again w/a severe chest cold, in bed and wondering…”how in the world am I going to follow through w/my commitments??” This time I’m trusting God no matter what–canceling only what may have been scheduled by me w/out His direction. I’m TRUSTING I’ll be able to be where I need to be (according to God) and feel good when I need to be there. AND, after reading your blog I am reminded that only The Lord will receive ALL glory and honor–not one person (including my sinful nature) will be able to give any credit to a person (especially a weak, always ill person) ONLY to God–The King will stay on the THRONE! Praise Him!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have experienced the same…. situations where only He can be given credit. Remember what you are going through is always a testimony to others. People will be watching you thinking “if she can do it while sick, I can do it not sick.” 🙂 Some of the greatest women I know have been sick through their purposes. Not that I’m saying it’s God’s plan for you to be sick, lol, but all of us have to learn to make the best of our situations regardless. I love you!!!

  2. Brittany, everything is in HIS time. In the meantime He is teaching us something. He is teaching us to stay focused on HIM, His Love,
    trust in Him, knowing nothing is impossible with God.

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