At Home, On The Couch

Intense. The only word I could think of in a moment I have never experienced before (at least while watching TV). I was watching “Praise the Lord“, a program on TBN, yesterday afternoon. The pastor of my church was a guest on the show and he had told us how different this show was compared to others he had been on. His words were, “the glory fell…” Naturally, this created interest for me to see it myself. I had set my calendar almost a month in advance to remind me of the show airing at 10pm. The day of the show, I had everything done, laid on the couch with my favorite blanket…. and fell asleep. Yea, that’s how it seems to work! lol I found out it was re-airing at 5pm the next day.

When I got home from work, I turned on the TV and began listening as I  straightened up the house and performed my daily routine upon being home. The entire show was great (view it here). Towards the end, in what seems like a spur of the moment type moment, the guests and host of show decide to pray for pastors that are seated on the front row. The presence of God was so strong my entire body began to burn! I didn’t have my hands lifted, I wasn’t praying along with them, all I was doing was sitting on my couch focused on what God’s presence was doing there… and it hit me. Twice during the show – my body began to burn.

Let me explain “burn”. I don’t mean a painful, as if my body was on fire, burn. I mean a burn like I was standing next to a burning fire and heat from the fire was warming my body – every inch – my head, hands, legs, all of it – at one point, I even began to sweat. Now, if I can experience the presence of God sitting on my couch… imagine what participating in worship can do!

Just food for thought. Some will never understand my words and label me crazy. Some will wish they could experience it but make excuses for why they “can’t”. Some will jump in the middle and dig until they get it too! Which one are you?

Guests on the Show:
Dr. Remmy McLean
Bishop David Huskins
Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

Host of the Show:
Bishop Gary Oliver



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