Slipping Under

I have never felt as though I was drowning but today I do. I feel like things around me are falling apart. Out of the mouth the heart speaks is what scripture says. So when someone makes a verbal accusation at you it’s like a dagger; especially if it’s someone we care about who is saying it. Emotions are tricky. In the light of God I don’t think they exist. Why do I think this? Because we shouldn’t lean on our emotions we should lean on God’s promises. No matter how dim things look, one word from God’s mouth overcomes it. Changes it.  Showers favor on a situation our emotions viewed as impossible allowing it to in fact become possible. I have to put my trust in HIM. He knows the truth. I was reminded this past week from a devotional someone had forwarded me… when you are praying for something – and you don’t see changes – keep praying. Pray earnestly… never giving up. James 5:17 reminds us Elijah prayed earnestly that it would not rain and it did not rain for 3.5 years. The verse also says, “He was a man like us…” This means our prayers are just as powerful. Elijah was just like us.

I feel like I am drowning and at any point I could slip under but I know my Jesus is there holding me from sinking under. Thank God for  protection and everlasting love. No matter what He loves me enough to keep me safe and guarded in my surrounding situations.


2 thoughts on “Slipping Under

  1. I have no doubt that your strong, but as always I’m here to listen or whatever you need. Love you mom

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  2. After reading your blog post, I was reminded of Peter, when he was on the water with Christ and he began to sink… he merely called out to Jesus and Jesus saved him. It was that simple. You’re right, our guarantee in life is not that things will always be perfect, but that Jesus is sure to save us… I’m praying for your peace during this time, Jade and I’m sure that God will do exactly what He has promised…. #I’mprayingforyouwhileyouwait

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