How To Hold On

He (God) can’t speak to you if you don’t understand His language. Sure, He could speak in YOUR language but to constantly do so would make your relationship with Him one-sided. Since when do we want a one-sided relationship? We must love on each other through our love languages. We (normally) try to love others as we want to be loved. If you like words of affirmation (meaning you like people to tell you “you did a good job” or “you look beautiful”) then generally you give others compliments and encouraging words. Many times without even realizing it. But if that person’s love language is physical touch – your words are empty to them because they need a hug to feel loved. If you need nothing – you are mistaken. You need to figure out what has hardened your heart because everyone needs to be accepted… therefore loved. God’s love language is obedience. So if you’re not being obedient, but instead you are busy complimenting God because your love language is words of affirmation – understand your words are empty. God doesn’t NEED your words – He REQUIRES your obedience. Love on God.


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