Time Is Too Expensive


the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

Do you think a person can have too much integrity? Personally, I do not. By definition, you can’t have too much honesty (although how we speak our honesty is important) and having moral principles is never a bad thing. A light bulb went off about myself this morning. I work in a position where the quality of my job is dictated by others – how well I perform in my job lays in the hands of others. Some days I appear to do my job great because everything works well and other days I appear to be the worst at my job because other people connected to my job do not do their jobs therefore falling back on me. It’s frustrating. This morning it clicked – because I am a person of integrity and high expectations, whether of myself or someone else, when someone else is causing me not to get my job completed (and completed in it’s best ability) I get upset and angry. This is probably why I choose to do many things myself instead of delegating it out. If I do it – then I know it gets done the way I want it done and to the best of my ability. I don’t have the answer on how to deal with this yet, sorry. Trying to find a place of “not caring” is just not in my blood. So how do I learn to be okay with knowing I’ve done all I have been able to do and still not complete my tasks? I’m praying. It’s all I know to do. Being a task oriented person, I love having a checklist that is totally completed at the end of day. It’s rewarding to me 🙂 With the position I hold at work, it’s essentially one big “to do” list which rarely gets completed. Something is always flowing into the next day which frustrates me because I want to start each day off new.

I’m also a person who loves puzzles and time management. Put the two together and you have the perfect storm for me 😦 Time management is one big puzzle of where to put what to complete everything and use the most of your time. Time is too precious to waste and too expensive to throw away. These are just personality traits of myself but we all have something that “drives us crazy”. I can see how God puts certain groups of people together to work because they will eventually complement one another; I can also see how we choose favorites or personal friends/family when we shouldn’t at all because quite honestly, they aren’t a good fit. Then we are sucked into not hurting anyone’s feelings therefore we are stuck in the current position with the current person miserable and nothing can be done about it without totally ruining the friendship/relationship all because you were not honest with yourself to begin with. Don’t get yourself here to begin with! lol If I have learned anything from my husband its brutal honesty. I still think tact is a word to keep in mind when sharing it – but if you aren’t a good fit, you aren’t a good fit. If the dress doesn’t look good on you it just doesn’t look good on you. If you think people are being judgmental and harsh – maybe the way they are saying it is – but it doesn’t mean there isn’t truth behind it. Loving each other enough to speak the things we should fix is just as important as encouraging the good things. We shouldn’t enable one another in weaknesses that really should be being developed as strengths.

These are my personal expressions of things about myself. I don’t ask you to agree with them, I don’t ask you to share them. I don’t even ask you to like them. I do ask you to respect them. Every person has their own views and every person thinks they are right. Obviously not everyone can be – but at the end of the day – is it really worth the way we treat each other over some of those issues? I’m guilty here and I hope you are being honest enough with yourself to know you have spots in your life as well that could have blemishes removed. That’s the beauty of His grace! We come before God filthy, dirty, disgusting and needing to be thrown in the trash and He loves on us, washes us leaving us white as snow. Doesn’t sound like something we deserve but we receive it nonetheless when we accept it. Do you know God? If you don’t, I would love to introduce you!


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