Frustration is extremely overrated! Maybe you know what I mean when I say this… I feel like I’m getting it, getting it, yep understanding it, nope. I’m totally lost. For me this applies in studying. School always came so natural to me I never really had to study. While it was awesome in high school it’s not so awesome now. Reading is not my favorite thing to do – being honest, I’m about to finish only my SECOND book ever in a lifetime. My first, 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Weise (an excellent book by the way. If you have ever been spelunking you will probably never go again) and now Interpreting Dreams and Visions by Perry Stone. In addition to reading, I don’t particularly care for breaking apart every word to understand its origin, or background. It’s just not fun to me. I’m over analytical and have to have an exact answer of how something is, or how it should be done, or what to expect, and answers to all the “what if’s”. But let’s be realistic – that can’t happen. So many things don’t have official answers and are left to interpretation. And so many things are left to the Holy Spirit to answer for us… Don’t get frustrated. Keep moving forward. I know I am a smart woman and I can do anything I put my mind to. I always have. I just don’t always have the confidence to step out for fear of failure. I hate rejection and I hate failure. Together, we have to find the ability to transform that fear or failure into what motivates us. I have a particular woman in my mind right now that I know is like me in this area… if you are reading this may the Lord press in your heart it’s you I’m referring to. You can do it! Don’t give up for fear of missing something or failing at it. We are all going to fail – it’s how you deal with failure that separates those who really want more from those who want it easy.  The more you put in, most certainly the more you get out.

Okay, I’m done venting. Back to it I go! haha Have a blessed day everyone! If you are stressed, try the reduction kit below! 🙂


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