What is Audience of One?

Audience of One was begun this past January. Born from (literally) a vision of the Lord during a church service it is now an actual event. To give you a description of what the event is:

An intimate prayer service with live worship music to assist in your journey with the Lord. Intimate lighting
makes it even more personal. It’s that simple. No children please. Nursery not available. This event repeats the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month. For location information, times of events or questions email info@jadegetchell.com.

What the event “is” is no where as important as what the event “means”. Depending on your position in a service containing worship depends on what you are thinking regarding this question and yet so many positions hold the same perspective. During a service containing worship many people worship in different ways. Some raise their hands, some pray in tongues, some sit privately, some weep, others shout,  and still others dance. But who do you do it for?  Are you lifting your hands because your neighbor did? So you will fit in with those around you? Or are you doing it because you are giving reverence to Yahweh? Just food for thought. Your “audience” is not the people around you (or in front of you for worship leaders) but instead your “audience” is Yahweh. Hence, an audience of ONE. I have always said the only difference between performance and worship is the state of your heart. All other aspects of performance and worship should be the same (read this). If your focus is on the other people – whether you are in the group worshiping or the team leading – if you are focused on those around you – you probably aren’t focused on “one”. When you sing or pray or however else you choose to worship, make sure it’s only for Him. Honor Him, love on Him and devote all your time to Him.

God is our only audience member. We are to worship Him, not to entertain or receive attention from others. If you lead worship you are bound to hear the comment, “I loved your worship” or “You blessed me”, etc. These comments are okay as long as your heart was in the right place. If you lead worship seeking notoriety, then these comments are inappropriate. If you lead worship simply worshiping God then consider yourself blessed God used you and worked through you.


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