{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Electrical/Low Voltage Company

My favorite electrician: J & A Electric

You need something in your house fixed and you are scared of being taken advantage of… You are worried it’s “electrical” and it could start a fire… Or maybe you want to upgrade your house with some lighting or surround sound, maybe a few flat screen tv’s… Feel good about yourself and your home with a licensed, experienced electrician. I recommend J and A Electric. I know the work first hand and it’s as professional as it gets without being taken advantage of in price. J & A Electric is owned by Josh Freeman out of Rockmart – but don’t let Rockmart fool you. Josh will travel to Atlanta and other places to make sure you are taken care of. I can vouch first hand for him because he is my  brother – in – law. If you know me well enough, I will never put my name on someone I don’t trust myself. My own husband has worked with him which is another testimony as to how good he really is because Shane won’t place his name on something either without fully believing in the work done.

J & A Electric
(678) 458 – 4605
Licensed. Residential. Commercial.

Here is a sample of the things J & A Electric could do for you:

– Finish a basement
– Install flat screen tv’s and never see the wiring
– Fix outlets
– Find an electrical short
– Hang a light fixture
– Update code in a house
– Install beautiful lighting inside and out
– Install speakers by your deck, in a room or by a pool
– Landscape lighting
– Your own theater room
– And much, much more!

Some ideas of creative lighting!


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