Little White Lie

I have recently started reading I Corinthians. When I say read, I don’t mean to skim through and pick what I need… which is the easiest way to use the Bible. I am attempting to study it, understand it, and along the way share (if the Lord sees it necessary) some revelations with you. As you know this blog is one big open pot of my feelings and experiences – while every moment I go through is not listed – some of my most intimate are.

To see where you need to go, first you need to see who you currently are. But how do you do that? You examine yourself. The Lord spoke to me to “read Corinthians” (how nice of Him to not specify which book eh? lol At least He didn’t say ‘the Bible’ lol) He said I would “find my answer”. This is also vague considering I pray about numerous things and pose questions to which of course I’m hoping He answers. Through this first book of Corinthians I plan to look at myself in each section and see if I have a speck in my own eye before seeing where it might apply to others and/or other groups of people in my life. What can I learn? What do I need to change? How can I be a better person? How can I live a tighter life for the Lord? You see, you can live a “good life” but still be called to something better. There are decisions in life that aren’t “bad” and I would even go as far to say aren’t a “sin”… however, if you could bring yourself to give up the one thing that isn’t really that “bad” imagine how much closer you could be to what God is waiting to give you? That’s where I am.

1 Corinthians 6:12

 “Just because something is technically legal doesn’t mean that it’s spiritually appropriate. If I went around doing whatever I thought I could
get by with, I’d be a slave to my whim”

I don’t have what society deems as “sin” in my life. I’m not murdering people, I’m not raping others, I’m not taking advantage of elderly couples, I’m not stealing or using illegal drugs. But I’m human… I tell the occasional white lie. Should I? No. A lie is a lie. “How’s this dress make me look?” I should respond with truth… “It’s not flattering on you” but instead don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings so I might say, “It looks good” or “It looks fine”. Even those small decisions can keep things from between us and the Lord’s dreams for us. (Yes, I said dreams for us. He drempt us up before we were created, OF COURSE He has dreams for us to achieve while living!) There is something to be said about people (if you are reading this right now you know who you are 🙂 who speak truth no matter what. I also believe there is a way to say it (just clarifying, lol). You can speak truth in love… and it goes such a long ways. Much further than if you just speak truth to speak it and it’s negative and harsh. In Corinthians, that is exactly what Paul is doing. He is writing a letter to the Church at Corinth answering questions and chastising those who are living in sin. However, while being stern he is doing it in love. It’s a mix that might be hard to perfect – but – the more we do it the easier it should become.

I would love to find some people who are willing to go through these books with me. If you are interested please comment below with an email address and I will email the sections I look at on a (more than likely) weekly basis. I’m a study guide person so I’m currently in search of one to use that is free.

Let’s begin to love in the correct way. The way God would have us to.


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