You’re The Solution, Not The Problem

Last night, a book was given to me from a dear friend of mine. Turns out it’s almost like a devotional book so today I read devotion 1 entitled: Jesus Was A Problem Solver. In the devotion by Mike Murdock, he wrote, “Every person God created is a solution to a problem.” Wow. One line of such power and yet how many times is it over looked. We sit and wollow in our sorrows when we could be helping others. The point of this devotion was saying, you are created to be helping someone else through/with there problem. That person is created to help someone else through/with their problem. Someone was created to help you through/with your problem. Imagine if we all did that… if we all “paid it forward” so to speak how much easier life might be…

I’m guilty of it. I try to never point my finger without looking at myself first – and I’m 100% guilty of this. But who isn’t? We are human. Next time, instead of sitting in your “bad day” or your “upsetting life” or your “disappointment” find someone to help. That person might just be the one created to help you. And even if they aren’t… you just helped one of God’s children (which would be your sister or brother since we are family) through a problem they were having. Then God can say, “… good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:23) Imagine hearing those words!!!


2 thoughts on “You’re The Solution, Not The Problem

  1. Terrific!!!! I have found that “the problem is never the problem.” It is usually a symptom of the problem and this statement about every person being a solution to a problem really goes along with that.

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