What’s Holding You Back?

What is standing in the way of God moving in your life? Answering your prayers? Hearing from Him? Going further and deeper with Him? Are you someone who is hearing from the Lord but you feel stunted in your growth with Him? If any of these questions suit you (or a million other questions that could have been asked) I have a recommendation for you. It’s not an easy one nor a fun one, but a necessary one.

Stand in front of a mirror. Look at who and what is staring back at you.

1. Do you recognize this person? Are you proud of this person? Do you feel like God is proud of this person? If you are not proud of yourself and who you are in a way that is humble you probably lack self confidence. Be confident in who you are.

2. Now let’s dig deeper. Let’s look at the image you are seeing. Do you represent God? Are you okay with how you are dressed? Your appearance? Are you presentable? Are you more concerned with the reaction of others to you than to God’s? Now… is GOD okay with how you are dressed? Your appearance? Whether or not you are presentable? We represent Him everywhere we go. We need to make sure our appearance is to His standards.

3. Deeper we go. How are you treating the body He gave you? Do you exercise? Eat healthy? Sit on the couch all day? Not really think about the choices of what you put in your body? Are you depriving the body He gave you of the essential vitamins and nutrients to continue to be healthy? If you could see through the skin via the mirror… what do your lungs look like? Your heart? Your liver? Your veins? Are you taking the best care possible of the body He gave you? This body must last us for the duration of this life and the plans He has for you.

4. And further. What about your mind? What do you feed it? Movies filled with vulgar language? Scripture from His word? Is it filled with nasty thoughts of lust? Beautiful thoughts of what you can do to help someone today? Love for your children? Love for your family? Hate for the world? Hate for God’s other children?

5. And even further we go. If He was standing next to you in the mirror – would you answer any of these questions differently? Or would you WANT/WISH you could answer these questions differently?

Don’t let something carnal and in your complete control of changing hold you back from His miracles and blessings in store for you. Push yourself to go further and you will be amazed at what comes! Be obedient to His word in every single way – and never be able to say “I wish I had done this differently”… or “I should have done…” Live every day like it’s your most important day for the Lord and HIS MISSION for you. You don’t have to have a “ministry” to do the work of the Lord. All of us have a requirement on our lives to live for Him but we don’t get to pick and choose which part we do for Him. It’s all or nothing. God doesn’t see in shades of gray.


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