Stop Putting Stipulations on God

If you consider the profoundness of this verse… it’s overwhelming. We could delight ourselves in the Lord in so many ways and yet many choose not to do any of it. We play at “going to church” on Sunday (or any other day of the week we have a service) and think it surpasses God‘s expectations. In reality, we aren’t even reaching His expectations. We play at using our “talents” as a way of delighting ourselves in Him – when really we are just delighting ourselves. True delightment is not doing something pertaining to your talent and still being able to enjoy His presence and the time you spend with Him. I know I’m stepping on toes, but it has to be said. We fill ourselves up with patting ourselves on the back because WE are doing so well… Where is God’s glory? True leadership never takes credit for those things God has really done… which is ALL of it. It’s not your perfect note, or perfect vibrato or song choice that makes a service go well. It’s not your perfect drum fill that builds a song to drive people to raise their hands. It’s not you getting louder that drives the Spirit into worship. It’s not your choice of words while preaching that gets brings people to their knees. It’s not your ability to create a great Sunday School class full of people. It’s not your 4 hours you put into prayer because you are a prayer warrior. Nothing is because of US. Everything is because of Him. When we truly understand delighting ourselves in Him, none of this matters anymore because we are not looking for self-satisfaction and gratification.

Delighting ourselves in Him is also not pulling a “tit for tat”. You don’t spend time with Him (i.e. reading your word, praying, worshiping, etc.) because you want to gain something. When you start to do those things JUST BECAUSE then and only then will you begin to receive gifts from the Lord. This is not a job – you don’t work for a paycheck… Spending time with Him should not be work. You should want to spend time with Him.

If you don’t, maybe you should reevaluate your purpose in doing things. Why do you sing? Why do you play? Why do you pray? Why do you worship? Why do you preach? Why do you teach? Why do you give? Why do you sacrifice? Why do you help? Why do you encourage? To be noticed? To be heard? To get a point across? To look good? To get attention? To receive something?

When you stop putting stipulations on the things you do for God – He will begin to pour out His rain on you. Until then, you are just stuck in a drought. How’s that working for you ?


4 thoughts on “Stop Putting Stipulations on God

  1. “Spending time with Him should not be work. You should want to spend time with Him.”
    While I agree I would like to add that sometimes we all find ourselves in droughts where spending time with God does feel like work. While that is not ideal or preferred one should continue to spend time with the Lord until you’ve been brought to through to the other side. (of the fire perhaps?) In the same way we should act in love toward our husbands even when we aren’t “feeling in love” we should act toward God. Does that make sense?

  2. Thank you ladies for your reply! I just write what the Lord puts on my heart 🙂 Your words are confirmation for me that I heard correctly! lol Have a blessed evening!

  3. What a great post! Thank you for writing what God put on your heart. I’m going to have to let this one marinade for a minute. Hum? I like it a lot, good job. This especially challenges those who are in ministry, to pause.

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