My Child, The Deliverer (Part 5)

Well, good news was short-lived medically speaking. The latest round of blood testings shows my levels dropped from 359 to 141. I must admit I had a moment of wavering but it was short-lived thanks to my husband. My husband reminded me when God spoke to not listen to the test results he didn’t say “don’t listen to only this test result!” I have more blood work scheduled for October 6th. God’s will is already done in this instance. We continue to thank Him for Elijah because my little miracle is still there and still growing!  I have had continuous bleeding for about 5 days now. Light, almost diluted, but bleeding nonetheless. Every once in a while the bleeding picks up but quickly reduces down again. Please agree with me IN THE NAME OF JESUS for this bleeding to HALT! NO MORE! I already know God’s hands are holding Eli, and he is born. He created Adam from dust, me out of a rib… I think He’s got Eli 🙂

Thank you for praying with us! Feel free to forward this to any prayer chain, list, church group, etc. The more prayers the better!  This blog is short but so many people have asked for an update, I wanted to honor their request 🙂 We love that you guys care about Eli.

P.S. We are still building our nursery! Furniture came in 🙂


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