Your Greatest Secret Weapon

This morning it seemed everything was pushing against me trying to get into prayer time. Everytime I would attempt to get started something happened. But I pushed through… When things seems to be getting in the way keeping you from prayer time, church, responsibilities within Christ‘s ministry for us it’s the enemy. He doesn’t want us to do anything for Jesus. He wants us to screw up – he wants us to cheat – he wants us to make so much money we lose focus – he wants us to think our success is because of “our hard work”. But it’s a lie… every bit of it. God is the author of our success. He is the author of healed marriages and our accomplishments.

Prayer time is the greatest and strongest weapon you have to face your day. The Bible (also known as your sword) is your defense. Study it, know it. How can you defend yourself in battle if you are not prepared? The military doesn’t sit around eating jelly doughnuts and then, “oh! it’s time for war!”… They have PT every morning, study their field of specialty, and constantly practice training exercises. Do you? Are you up every morning (or every night) studying? Then there is prayer time. This is how you get ready. Meditating on your sword’s blade – sharpening it every chance you get. Would you want to enter war with a dull blade? Prayer is your greatest secret weapon. The enemy doesn’t have it. The enemy knows scripture and will tempt you by manipulating it every way he can… but because you are studied up, prayed up and prepared you will be able to tell the difference. Otherwise you just fall into the same trap every other person in this world falls into.

Do you want to be ordinary for God? Or EXTRAordinary for God?

Think about it.


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