{Jade’s Faves} My Favorite Veternarian

My favorite vet: Dr. Wright at Rockmart Animal Hospital

So many times we run across vets (or human doc’s for the matter) who only care about the almighty dollar. Well… not the vet. He works with you, is overly nice, understanding about your situation. Rockmart Animal Hospital is simply the best place I have ever been to. I have tried three other vets before this one and have never been as satisfied as I currently am. With Cassanova having cancer, they have worked with us to make sure he is comfortable in his current condition – but never pushed us to do something we didn’t want to do or we couldn’t afford. They did not play on our emotions to purchase further treatment that was in the thousands of dollars simply because our dog had “cancer”. If you are looking for a new vet or perhaps even if you aren’t… just try them. You will be completely pleased!

Rockmart Animal Hospital
Dr. Wright (my suggestion)
Office: (770)684-7162 Fax: (770) 684-3460

Tell them “Cassanova’s mom” recommended you!


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