Don’t Be Stubborn

Half the problem in worship is getting past the thought of what your neighbor will think about you if you raise your hands… or what your friend will think if you audibly tell God you love him and shout His name…

If you are willing to overcome your fears – you will sink into a level of worship you have never experienced before. Which in turn, makes God (our Father) overly joyful! Don’t you want to please God and make your Father proud of you? Or will you choose your friends and neighbors over Him?

Think about it…


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Stubborn

  1. took me such a long time to understand this concept but I am so glad I am able to worship freely now! thanks for this post!

    1. Girl… me too! I was petrified to lift my hands in the beginning even though I wanted to so badly 😦 But God helped me to overcome that one!!! I’m glad you have moved forward in this as well!!!

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