Strip Yourself Down

Christina Aguilera has two CD’s out entitled “Stripped” and “Back to the Basics”. Think about these titles… “Stripped” refers to peeling away every layer of who she was at that time in her life and revealing who she really is…  Not what other people perceive her to be or who her PR team made her to be. “Back to the Basics” refers to getting back to the basics of music. She went back to the 1940’s and recreated a mesh of old Hollywood glamor with today’s sense of Pop and R&B. Why can’t we do this in our own lives?

We need to strip down our life and peel away the layers that cover up the real us.

A layer of:

  • “fitting in”
  • “human desire”
  • “popularity”
  • “sexiness”
  • “addiction”
  • “who you think you are”
  • “false pretense”
  • “over compensating”
  • “insecurity”

This list could seriously go on and on. What is the one thing you do, that you know REALLY isn’t you, but you do it to try and fit it? (Take 30 seconds and think about it). Got your answer? Now in your head, replace that answer with what you should do instead.

You don’t have to dress half-naked to fit in or to get a guy’s attention. A man should love you for who you are inside first then outside. Don’t get me wrong, being physically attracted to someone is important — however — if a man wants a “housewife” and not a “hoe” than a “housewife” is what he needs to accept you as. If a man wants a “hoe” then he should never get married. As a woman, you don’t have to sell your body for a man.

Don’t fake a desire just to try and be part of the “it” crowd. So you don’t really like sports as a guy? Then why pretend? Instead be who you are and find friends who enjoy the same things you do. You will only make yourself miserable by pretending. It’s like lieing… you will have to “keep up” with so many things you have said and because you really don’t mean it – eventually – it will catch up to you. Then, you will be the subject on everyone’s lips through the gossip pools.

Speaking of gossip, don’t spread everything you know just to look cool. Those who keep their mouths quiet earn way more respect than those who do not. People don’t like their business spread all over the hallways, Facebook, church and social gathering clubs. If someone tells you something in quiet then keep it between on you and them EVEN if they don’t request you not tell anyone. If someone else is gossiping about the new girl or the dork of the group – be a witness – leave the gossip group and befriend the person in the discussion. That’s what Jesus would do.

I think you get my point in these examples.

We also need to get “back to the basics”. Get into your word and discover the basic principles God left us. Like – love your neighbor as yourself? Or – forgive 7 X 70? And what about those things called the 10 Commandments? I think LOTS of people have forgotten about those! Let’s do a quick review:

#1 No other God’s – only JESUS CHRIST!
#2 No other images as God (this includes $$)
#3 No “Gxx Dxxx” (might as well drop the other bad language too!)
#4 Rest on Sunday – take a chill pill
#5 Honor Mom & Dad, they have it right
#6 Sorry, can’t kill anyone
#7 You have to be a one woman man (or one man woman)
#8 Don’t take what isn’t yours
#9 Always tell the truth
#10 Don’t keep up with the Jones’

When you discover who you really are, here is what will happen. You will begin to have things in common with your friends because you will gain new friends. Yes, that means you will lose friends – but these are the friends you have been faking interests with. You will begin to attract the right kind of woman/man for yourself. This rule applies to all other situations as well.

Think about it – if you aren’t really a club person, but you go to a club thinking you can meet someone if you step outside of your comfort zone… the person you meet is going to enjoy that scene. Now you are faking it to make the relationship work… If you want to step outside your comfort zone make sure it’s stuff you will still enjoy 🙂


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