UPDATED: Couponing Class

For those of you interested and who live in the Marietta area (or are willing to drive) my friend Emily Noble will be teaching a couponing class tomorrow morning at 10am. The class is being held at:

Life’s Hope Baptist Church
3360 Hicks Road SW
Marietta, GA 30060

For those of you not close to the church – Emily has agreed to come up one Saturday sometime soon. If she can’t I can help you guys along to the best of my ability! lol If you want to be notified when this class is officially listed for the Rockmart area subscribe to this blog so it will come directly to your email and you won’t miss the posting!

My examples of shopping so far and this is only my 4th week!
(I forgot to take a picture on week #2)

Spent $29.34 Saved $52.06 at Publix
Spent $18 Saved $64 at Publix
Spent $23.87 Saved $99.96 at Kroger & Publix


Spent $38.84 Saved $143.35 Total would have been $182.19 -- Blog with grocery list to come. Http://shepherdssheep.wordpress.com/ Subscribe if you want the list and/or a future blog on "How To Coupon" to come directly to your email 🙂



10 thoughts on “UPDATED: Couponing Class

      1. I wish I could come for the class, but right now it’s too far but is there any you could email me info about how to do the couponing. I know it’s a lot to ask but I would really appreciate it if you could but will understand if not.
        Thanks, God Bless

      2. I’m working on it now. I should have posted either later tonight or tomorrow on my blog for you. I saw you registered – so the email should come straight to you 🙂

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