No More Fireworks

When you first become a christian and you begin to gain revelations from God – it’s like the 4th of July. The fireworks go off, the light bulb lights up and you get excited because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you heard from God. Just like that time someone came to you and said, “Jesus said to tell you…”

As time moves on and your spiritual walk is matured when you hear from the Lord – fireworks and a day set aside for the event – does not happen. Instead, it’s more of a feeling of you just “know” you are supposed to do something. You wake up and you know you are to fast, or you know you are to call someone. It’s the ability to hear from God without needing the 2 x 4 over the head. While it can be frustrating because you don’t have as much of a public holiday to receive the word of knowledge – it’s actually a great thing. It means you are hearing God more regularly and without question! Don’t allow satan to get in your head that you are lacking in the spiritual department because of your lack of “fireworks”. Instead, think about how your fireworks have been replaced with intimacy and closeness. As you grow to learn in a relationship you learn how to read the other person without them even speaking it. Same thing goes with you and God. The more you learn to love Him and listen to Him, the more you will just “know” when He speaks to you.


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