What is Praise pt. 2 (For teenagers)

What is Praise? According to the dictionary: “to commend, applaud or magnify”.


1. when your pet does a trick

2. When you answer a question right in school


1. “Good job!”

2. “Thank you!”

3. “You are so kind.”


1. “Thank you Jesus!”

2. “Your trees are beautiful.”

3. “You are wonderful Lord.”

There are so many ways you can PRAISE the Lord! You can sing, dance, play instruments, shout and do physical movements to do this! It’s not hard or difficult – it’s super easy… but the trick is… you have to mean it. You can’t do these things just because your friend is doing it or because someone on TV is doing it. God wants  you to do praise Him because you mean it :0)

WHERE CAN YOU SING PRAISES: ­   In the car, In the shower, With your friends, In small group, In your bedroom

WHAT INSTRUMENTS CAN YOU PLAY TO PRAISE:­   Piano, Drums, Guitar, Tambourine, Maracas

WHAT CAN YOU SHOUT TO PRAISE: ­ “Yes”, “Amen”, “Praise Jesus”, “Hallelujah”

WHAT CAN YOU PHYSICALLY DO TO PRAISE: ­   Lift your hands, Lift your arms, Clap, Jump up and down

Want some extra practice? Here are some exercises 🙂

Fake praise is not good! Read Matthew 5:18 and write it here: 


Real praise makes God happy! Read John 4:23 and write it here: 


You should be praising all day long, not just on Wed night  🙂 Read
Psalm 34:1 and write it here: 


Read Romans 8:28 and write it here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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