How To Write Your Personal Testimony

I Peter 3:15 says “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  Opportunities arise everyday to share our faith. So often, we don’t because we are scared. We are scared because we don’t know what to say. I have been in this group for a long time! Where do I even begin writing it? That’s the purpose of this blog – to explain to you how to write your testimony. I will be writing mine after this blog to share with everyone.

Here are two simple rules… Have two versions of your testimony ready! Short Version around 1 minute and Long version around 3 minutes 🙂 Your testimony is not a long research paper with an annotated bibliography! But I know most of us imagine it like that. Let’s begin at the birth of me, then move to the toddler years, moving into middle school and high school, list all the mess-ups including the name and phone number of every person involved, the college application process and the people who influenced us along the way. It’s not this intricate! Don’t make it more than you have to!

There are three parts to a personal testimony:

  1. Life before Christ – Choose a descriptive word for your life before Christ. If you were a child when you became a Christian think how your lift might have turned out without Christ.
  2. How you became a Christian – Where were you when this happen? How did you become a Christian?
  3. Life after you met Christ – Choose another descriptive word for your life as a Christian now. Describe some tangible benefit that God brings to your life today.

Make sure you don’t overemphasize the “before Christ” part. You want your focus to be on what God did for you after you accepted Him. The third part should be the most emphasized. This is the part of your testimony that should pull a person in and make them interested in hearing more. If they wanted to hear more of the first part, all they have to do is look at their own life.  Look in between the lines of conversations with other people and find the openings to begin using this powerful tool. Your personal testimony is something only you can share. Only you have experienced it exactly as you explain it or write it. Use this tool God has given you that you didn’t even have to study for!

I hope this helps. It has helped me. I am a “wordy” person to begin with. I love “fancy” language… so this will be hard word for me!

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