I got “MESSED UP” (Thanks CCOG Youth)

A few weeks ago, the kids at Cedartown Church of God went to an event called “‘The Ramp” (www.theramp.org) They came back unbelievably on fire for God. Needless to say it spread to me. I didn’t have the opportunity to go due to finals the same weekend. They kept referring to this term: messed up. They would say, “you need to get messed up”… Of course initially I thought they were all crazy! ha However, I soon learned their craziness was in fact a great thing. I asked for God to do the same for me. I also prayed recently for a renewed passion to write again. I used to write songs and poetry all the time. God answered both prayers. I have written something that is SO out of my norm. I am usually a “pretty” poetry writer… this isn’t exactly pretty to me; nonetheless, it’s what was in my heart that was blurted out on paper! Hope you can see the words God placed in my heart.

A closet case for the one who set you free
You have a chance to praise him publicly
But instead you go, you run, you hide
Allowing others to see you’re for the world, not HIS prize
No one is promised tomorrow or tonight
So I’m singing it now – you better ‘get right’
Give him your failures, your regrets, your fears
Confess to him ‘Lord – I want you in here’
Then go outside your closet and proclaim HIS name
So everyone hears it – loud and unashamed
When you do this – you’ve changed your name
Gotten married, now your the bride of Christ and steppin’ into fame
Rich with passion, respect and love
All for our Good Lord – He is above
Over our lives, our thoughts, yes He reigns
But you still can’t bring yourself to clear your  brain
And understand that He died for you
So stand up for Jesus’ reputation and name

© 2010 Jade Getchell


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