My New Song of Life

I used to write music all the time. For a while, I got frustrated and stopped. As quickly as I picked up a pen, I put it down and never did it again. That is changing after this weekend’s phenomenon. I have been saved since 1997 but that doesn’t mean my soul doesn’t get tired and need reviving. CPR if you will! My personal motto is “Whatever it takes.” Whatever it takes is what I want God to do in my life to keep me on track. As a thank you to HIM and in reverence to HIM, I have decided to pick the pen back up and write what comes. Here is what was on my mind today…

My Genesis

You saved me from  myself, you picked me up
You wrapped your arms around me and gave me love
My old ways have been washed new
All of it, all of this, it’s all because of you

You kept me from stepping off that ledge
You heard me every time I cried and begged
For the moments I didn’t think you were there
You were actually carrying me because you cared

This is my Genesis! This is my new beginning!
And it’s all because of you and your forgiveness
I’m standing tall – I’m standing proud
No one is going to tear you down
Because I will stand in the gap to proclaim
The righteousness of Jesus’ name

In my lowest times you stood at my side
In my highest times you allowed my pride
In my moments of silent tears and shame
Your loss… has been my gain…

© 2010 Jade Getchell


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