Are you so close to Christ you get this?

I was listening to some people tell me a story about how they were struggling with a decision “to do” or “not to do” something. Nothing overly serious, just going out for a few drinks to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. It’s an evening of celebration right? Why not? Well, they decided against it — just figured it wasn’t the best idea for them so they entered into a local restaurant (a casual one). With it being Cinco de Mayo, no one else was in this restaurant. Every table and booth was empty accept the booth they were sitting in. The waitress serving them kept trying to initiate an evening out for the celebration of this holiday but these people refused. In the midst of their meals, two young men walked in the restaurant in suits and ties. With the choice of every table and booth in the restaurant to sit down in, they chose to sit by these people. The waitress came to the table and asked why they were not out celebrating Cinco de Mayo? They replied, “because we represent Jesus Christ”.

You might be sitting here reading this saying, “ok… what is the big deal?” Here is the big deal.

We should always have an accountability partner in our lives. This person should be someone you trust and can be open enough in both bad and good decisions but someone you respect enough that when they tell you you have chosen something that’s a bad decision (or perhaps an ok decision but one that could be better) you are not offended. This is not set in stone, but I would always recommend someone of the same sex. A woman is going to understand a woman’s mind and a man will understand a man’s mind. Men and women can have very different shortcomings and things that cause them to stumble into temptation.

Based on having accountability partners pre-set in your life, this is the thought I had based on the story I had been told. HOW COOL IS IT THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS THEIR LITERAL PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER? Granted, Christ is in fact our accountability partner through scripture and through others figuratively; however, in a moment where these people chose against the option to have a few drinks, again, nothing that is a huge huge deal, but the better decision was to not have thought it at all. These men sitting next to this table was God’s way of holding these people accountable in their walk! But He did it first hand!!! Not through scripture, or the “coincidence” of crossing paths with someone, etc. He allowed these two men in their suits and ties to make a verbal stance so these people could hear it to remind them of what they stand for ALL the time and the decisions that should not even be questionable…THIS WAS SO NEAT TO ME! To think that your relationship with Christ is so intimate that He does this for you? That he sends a personal reminder? I mean honestly, who would not want a relationship so close that you were honored like that when you made the right decision to  not do something but their never should have been that battle to begin with?

After hearing the story, these people told me the situation made them think about how they should have been like those men in the suits and ties. Strong and unashamed and not influenced by the outside world. You can be IN the world but not OF the world. It takes a lot of strength and a lot of endurance and a lot of staying in the Word on your part but you also have to be willing to stand for the right things no matter WHAT or WHERE or WHO is around. Personally, I want to be a bridge from the secular side of music to bringing people to Christ for their salvation and redemption. Not everyone is made for that. Some are made for working inside the church, some are made for missions in foreign countries, some are made to witness within their place of employment, some are made for randomly making differences for people sleeping on a street, but we all have been made with a purpose. We have all been made with a reason in mind. I love music, I love to sing. It’s my God given talent and I intend on using it for HIS glorification. My dream and prayers currently are to have the opportunity to be IN the world but not OF the world which He is currently providing. I don’t have to sell my body to sell a ticket. I don’t have to wear booty shorts and a bikini top flopping everything around on stage to gain a fan base. I don’t have to sell myself short to obtain my dreams because I know that MY GOD – MY LORD IN SAVIOR can provide me with the desires of my heart because the state of my heart is not selfish. The state of my heart is driven by only one thing… How can I make a difference in the Lord’s family… the family that will reign with Him for 1000 years in HIS new heaven and earth?? Let’s put two and two together. How can I make a difference? Well what talents did He give me? Singing, creativity, performing, dancing, the ability to choreograph, the ability to create graphics, the ability and knowledge to share my testimony and experiences so that maybe, just maybe, someone will learn without having to go through it?  I admire Joyce Meyer because she is a woman who has been through much trial and error and is open about it. She shares her testimony as herself! Not what someone else expects her to be. What is great for one person doesn’t always work for someone else. There are ways of finding a balance in life and this is what I’m working towards. I am not unashamed for what I believe, think and share.

I strongly urge you to find someone to be that accountability partner for yourself. I also urge you to check your relationship with God. Are you close enough to Him that he sends PERSONAL reminders for you regarding your faith and standing strong in that faith with others?? Think about it…


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